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Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products

Nemiroff invites you to discover how our Porcelainized Steel products for bathrooms and walls Outperform, Out-save and Outlast other materials like plastic, fiberglass and tile. This means
you get dependable installations, which look better and require much less maintenance over
the years. Nobody knows Porcelainized Steel like we do. Nemiroff invented these systems and continues to be dominant in the field of providing Porcelainized Steel products for new construction and for amazingly rapid renovations.

Porcelain: A thousand Years Of Refinement
Since 206 B.C. Porcelain has been prized
as a material of lustrous and incomparable beauty, wondrously smooth touch and its artistic adaptability, learn more history >>

Why People Prefer Porcelain
Want to know why people can¹t resist porcelain ever since it was 1st brought
from China by Marco Polo? learn more >>

What is Porcelainized Steel?
Porcelainized Steel is the fusion two materials into one that combines the best features of each the beauty of porcelain
and the strength of steel. learn more >>
Why Nemiroff Leads In Porcelainized Steel
The leading name in Porcelainized Steel read why Nobody knows Porcelainized
Steel like Nemiroff. When your name is
on the door, you care more.
15 Reasons To Choose Nemiroff
If you are involved in multi-unit new construction or renovation, here are 15 reasons why yo want to choose Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products. more >>

Why Our Bathroom Products Outperform
When it comes to ease of installation,
cost, durability, appearance, maintenance,
and a modern look our products beat the competition hands down.  here¹s why >>
Our Products Are Custom Manufactured
Nobody provides better service than Nemiroff. You can be sure our products
have been custom engineered. see how >>
Why We¹re The Builder¹s Choice
Why Builders love Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products? Simple: We make their
life easier. find out why >>

For use wherever low maintenance, high durability surfaces are required. Easy to clean, graffiti-proof. Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products look better, last longer and costs less in the long run than alternative materials.

Approximately 200,000 Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel products have been installed in Military, College and HUD family housing and dormitory units, as well as in Hotels, Hospitals and
Multi-unit Private Apartments.

Just look at the advantages:

  • Superior quality--the Beauty of Porcelain with the Strength of Steel
  • Field engineered at your job site
  • Custom manufactured to fit your job
  • Reliable - mechanical installation (no adhesives)
  • Fast--Bathroom installations in 4 hours or less
  • 30+ year lifecycle
  • Easy to clean
  • Resists Mold & Mildew
  • Dramatic cost savings for new construction or renovation


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